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Vaucluse View

A wider view of the sunset west from the Vaucluse headland.

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Underwater view of the Agincourt Reef in Far North Queensland. Another view of the wonderous Agincourt Reef off the coast from Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. A little ways south of Newcastle in New South Wales is this attractive coastline featuring surprisingly large caves. A quick local shot on a brilliantly blue Spring day in Canberra. Another slightly differently framed shot of a beautiful spring day in Canberra. A candid action shot of a Siberian Tiger in action during a tour of the harbin Tiger Park and Sanctuary in Winter, 2011. Just north of Port Douglas in Far North Queensland is the lush tropical rainforest called the Daintree. Taken from within an active crater on the Big Island in Hawaii, inside the Hawaii Volcano National park. ..but actually on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Due to the sulphur and other volcanic emissions the environment started to feel very alien, like being on another planet  perhaps? A lovely springtime shot, not far from False Creek near downtown Vancouver, Canada. Another angle on this great spring day from downtown Vancouver in Canada. A nice view of Uriarra Crossing in the nation's capital, Canberra.  this is a very popular watering hole during the hot summer months. A nice shot of the Vaucluse headland near the lighthouse, north of Christison Park. A view west from the Vaucluse headland towards the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge as the sun begins to set to the west. A wider view of the sunset west from the Vaucluse headland. Another view of one of the lergest caves in the Jenolan caves complex north of ulburn, in New South Wales. A collection of stalagmites and stalactites from the Jenolan caves complex in New South Wales. A nice shot looking south east from above Aberdeen on the island of Hong Kong, looking towards the exotic South China Seas. Just outside the city of Barcelona, deep in the nearby hills lies a monastery called Santa Maria de Montserrat.  This shot was taken from nearby, looking away from the majestic hillside. The western rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona is a spectacular sight.  This branch seemed to be reaching out into the depths of the void below. Last year I participated in the ogle Photo Walk in Canberra.  I snapped this early photo using a tripod and a long exposure setting. The city known as Rhodes Old Town benefits from an amazing port with crystal clear waters and spectacular weather. Taken from on board the Celebrity Equinox leaving Portsmouth bound for the coast of France in 2009. This is a photo of one of the famous Barbary Apes of Gibraltar, sitting precariously against the backdrop of the nearby Spanish countryside. Taken at my parent's house at Christmas time a few years back with a brand new macro lens.  The timing was impeccable. Taken during our February 2007 Western US trip, the view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona is simply magnificent. Here's a nice candid shot of me exploring the vast ruggedness of the Great Canyon in Arizona in the United States in 2007. This shot was taken from up in the Dandenong ranges, east of Melbourne Walking around my neighbourhood in the summer evenings - especially around sunset - provides opportunity to get some interesting contrast shots.  The sky was a brilliant amber/apricot contrasted against the dark brick of the newly built terrace houses. In the western part of Canberra, the sun sets over the Brindabella ranges and Mount Stromlo.  On a summer's evening this can produce lovely effects if the timing's right.