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Beautiful Vancouver

A lovely springtime shot, not far from False Creek near downtown Vancouver, Canada.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada. On a blue winter's day, a view from Brooklyn of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Under the guns of the mighty U.S.S Missouri in Pearl Harbour in the Hawai'ian isles. A view of the Kona Country Club lf course from the Sheraton Spa and Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Taken from within an active crater on the Big Island in Hawaii, inside the Hawaii Volcano National park. ..but actually on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Due to the sulphur and other volcanic emissions the environment started to feel very alien, like being on another planet  perhaps? A lovely springtime shot, not far from False Creek near downtown Vancouver, Canada. Another angle on this great spring day from downtown Vancouver in Canada. The western rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona is a spectacular sight.  This branch seemed to be reaching out into the depths of the void below. This shot was snapped from the rear of a departing ferry, using a tripod, and captures seagulls seemingly escaping from the former island prison. In downtown Vancouver you can come across these sprightly critters hopping from tree to tree in search of food and adventure. A rare opportunity to see clearly and vividly from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to Liberty Island by way of the tip of Manhattan Island on a perfect Winter's morning in December 2004. Shot from a cruise on the Hudson River, this statue - a gift from France - welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is a national icon. Taken during our February 2007 Western US trip, the view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona is simply magnificent. Here's a nice candid shot of me exploring the vast ruggedness of the Great Canyon in Arizona in the United States in 2007. Real Oscar statues taken in the heartland of Hollywood, as part of our 2007 west USA trip. Taken on a brilliantly sunny day in San Francisco during our 2007 west USA trip.